AMC Registration FAQs


1. The registration rule is first come first serve until all seats licensed by MAA are taken. Once you submit the google form, please check your email, possibly spam folder, to find auto-confirmation and detailed instructions on how to register MAA student portal.

2. If you decide not to show up or take the competitions elsewhere, please email me for bookkeeping at

3. Status of "Waitlist" or "Not Approved": if you registered and paid the fee, your seats are reserved. I approve students in a batch, not individually. Don't worry if you see "Not approved".

4. The preferred way of communication is Email (to or message, not phone call. I won't be able to respond to individual email/phone calls. But you will receive answers in due time.

5. The format is print&scan, which means a computer is not necessary. It will be like the traditional paper format. Please bring enough scratch paper, pencils, and erasers for bubbling the scantron.

6. AIME qualifiers: If you are qualified for AIME at two different sites, you may take AIME at either site.

7. AIME change of venue: Per MAA policy, in principle, a student cannot change of venue since it will involve four-way communications (Student, two sites, and MAA) and quite a bit paperworks. Under extraordinary situations, e.g., the student moves out of state or country, parents may find a local site to host the student, and email me to request for change of venue. 

8. Join the Whatsapp and Wechat group if you would like to receive updates.

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