AMC/AIME Boot Camp, Summer 2024

AMC/AIME BootCamp :     (Hybrid,  on-site seats may be available if you live in Greater Princeton, Central NJ)


week 1: August 5-9:                                      Topics on AMC12 last ten and AIME problems (lecture: 3:00pm-4:30pm EST)

week 2: August 12 - 16:                               Topics on AMC12 last ten and AIME problems (lecture: 3:00pm-4:30pm EST) 

Signed-up students will receive google classroom invitation with more details

Materials covered in each week are independent. You may sign up for only one week or all of them.






Sandor Lehoczky / Richard Rusczyk        Art of Problem Solving, vol I and II.

David Patrick                                                Introduction to Counting & Probability

                                                                      Intermediate Counting & Probability

Alfred Posamentier                                   Challenging Problems In Geometry

Posamentier Salkind                                 Challenging Problems In Algebra

W. Sierpinski                                           250 Problems in Elementary Number Theory





The AMC/AIME Boot Camp is an exciting way for strongly STEM-oriented talented students to be introduced to and perform at AMC 10/12 and AIME competitions. I will guide them to explore the cool (and challenging and exciting) aspect of mathematics. The topical emphasis will be on Advanced Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Counting & probability (combinatorics). Materials covered are at the level of AP Statistics, AP-Calculus, and much beyond regular SAT curriculum.

Eligibility: the camp is for students who are (borderline) AIME qualifiers (roughly, AMC10>90 or AMC12>70 and AIME<7). Students with AIME>10 are also welcome to join for free (with potential scholarship).    

In the discussion sessions, students are supervised to work together and discuss about the assigned problems.


In the lecture session, I will give lectures and guide students to work out  in details the assigned (hard) problems or past AMC10/12 or AIME tests. Students are trained to write details or proofs in essay-style using the principles they have learned. One will learn much beyond plain mathematical facts (e.g. solving a problem or memorizing formulas / rules / etc) by carefully writing down argument that can universally convince any rational person. This is what “critical thinking” means: nothing should be believed until it is proved.

Daily schedule (EST)  for summer camp (Hybrid,  on-site seats available if you live in Greater Princeton, Central NJ)

9:30am-11:30 am               Quiet self-practice time   (Practice on AMC 10/12/AIME problems)

11:30am-12:30 am             Group discussions   (Discuss AMC 10/12/AIME problems as a group)

12:30pm-3:00pm                Break

3:00pm-4:30pm                   Lecture Session  

AMC/AIME Boot Camp will be continued in regular semesters with on Sunday. Let me know if you are interested.  

  Discussion session:  

  Lecture Sessions: